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Monday, March 3, 2014

True Love Endures

The ongoing story of Brad and Marti Mason from True Love Waits.


Today on “Meet the Characters”
We have…

Beverly and Julian Stoddard

Beverly Stoddard...
Lisa's mother, whom is over protective of her and Lisa's son, Andy, to a fault. She can be very kind and loving, but, get on her bad side and look out. She has a sharp tongue and uses it when she or her family is threatened in any way. This woman can be one's worst nightmare if backed into a corner. Looking after her daughter has always been her first priority, and now that Lisa is in a coma and can't fight for herself, Bev is there to take on anyone who stands to possibly cause pain to her only child.

Julian Stoddard...
 Married to Beverly Stoddard and step-father to Lisa. A very care free, loving man who believes that the father of his grandchild has a right to know of his existence. But, at Lisa's insistence, he keeps it to himself. When tragic circumstances puts Lisa in a coma, he takes it upon himself to visit the father of her child, believing that it's the right thing to do, especially if she doesn't come out of the coma. And, little Andy deserves to have a father figure in his life. He is a kind and generous man, very intelligent, but has a dominating presence when he enters a room. He is a business tycoon with high morals and is always attentive and decisive. 

Look for more about True Love Endures...
Coming Spring 2014.