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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

True Love Waits

Receives FIVE STAR Reviews!!

Review by: Catanna Garcia on Feb. 13, 2014:
I like the story it was a very quick read. 11 years to wait for someone is crazy but I could see it. I hope there is more because I have so many questions now and I want them answered. Keep writing and I keep reading lol.

Review by: Chasity Breeze on March 25, 2014:
True Love Waits is short and sweet. You'll want to read this to whet your appetite for the sequel, True Love Endures. This short story is a nice little introduction into a bigger story that continues with Brad Mason...who is super hot, btw...and Marti Willis, the sexy little number the hottest guy in town has waited for for over a decade. But, she has a secret and doesn't want to bother Brad with the terrible details of it and definitely doesn't want to burden him by getting involved with him...again.
Check it out and be ready for the next book.
Well written, hot sex scenes, and leaves you wanting more! Five stars!!

Review by: Linda Rimer-Como on March 27, 2014:
This is a really cute short story about second chances. The story moves quickly as the characters reconnect after eleven long years. Both have changed but their love has never dies. Undying love and a belief in fate makes this story an enjoyable read.

Review by: Alicia Fortuin on April 01, 2014:
True Love Waits - Ana B Ronning
"God give second chances to those who ask for them"

Fast pace story and everything happens as you turn the pages, no hanging or dragging of story here EXCELLENT.
I fell in love with the characters in this short story, yes too short. I am so in love with Brad such a real sweetheart. Marti returns to small town to help her mom in the bookstore, but also to mend a broken heart and life. Brad never stopped loving Marti after all the years, and in the end the good guy get his girl.  Bought a house just outside of town with a white picket fence and a huge backyard" such a cliché, but my word I love it.
So excited to read the next part of these two characters’ lives, and gosh I saw a part of the next part and I am so dying to continue my journey with them.
Ana you have a new supporter, friend and reading buddy.
Alicia Fortuin
Cape Town

Thank you all for your kind words.  Reviews mean so much to authors and you all have made my work shine.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Big Bear Hugs…

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

True Love Endures


In "True Love Waits", their love survived her pointless marriage, divorce, a life changing secret and being miles apart for eleven years. Brad Mason and Marti Willis have loved each other since high school. They've weathered the storm of Marti being sterile and their love has grown stronger than ever. Now, Brad has a secret. Will their love be strong enough to weather the next storm? Less

True Love Endures is the sequel to True Love Waits.

Brad Mason has loved Marti Willis since they were fifteen years old. He'd always planned his future with her in it. Imagine his surprise when Marti left him to chase her dream, and eventually marrying someone else.

After divorcing her husband, Marti returned to Leesburg, Virginia and rekindled her love affair with Brad after they overcame her fate of not being able to have children. They shortly married after that and their love has grown stronger with each day.

Now...Brad has a secret that will change their lives forever. He has a son from a previous affair five years ago. With Marti being sterile, her insecurities jump back front and center and her marriage to Brad is in danger of failing. Will he leave her to have the family he's always dreamed of? Will Marti be able to hold on to him and welcome the little addition into their family? Will she be able to accept that Brad had a child with another woman, but can never have one with her?

True Love Endures is a story of heart ache and envy...courage and strength...forgiveness and love...true love.

I hope you enjoy True Love Endures. Please remember to share it with your friends and, as always…leave a review.

Until next time!
Ana B.

Monday, March 3, 2014

True Love Endures

The ongoing story of Brad and Marti Mason from True Love Waits.


Today on “Meet the Characters”
We have…

Beverly and Julian Stoddard

Beverly Stoddard...
Lisa's mother, whom is over protective of her and Lisa's son, Andy, to a fault. She can be very kind and loving, but, get on her bad side and look out. She has a sharp tongue and uses it when she or her family is threatened in any way. This woman can be one's worst nightmare if backed into a corner. Looking after her daughter has always been her first priority, and now that Lisa is in a coma and can't fight for herself, Bev is there to take on anyone who stands to possibly cause pain to her only child.

Julian Stoddard...
 Married to Beverly Stoddard and step-father to Lisa. A very care free, loving man who believes that the father of his grandchild has a right to know of his existence. But, at Lisa's insistence, he keeps it to himself. When tragic circumstances puts Lisa in a coma, he takes it upon himself to visit the father of her child, believing that it's the right thing to do, especially if she doesn't come out of the coma. And, little Andy deserves to have a father figure in his life. He is a kind and generous man, very intelligent, but has a dominating presence when he enters a room. He is a business tycoon with high morals and is always attentive and decisive. 

Look for more about True Love Endures...
Coming Spring 2014.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

True Love Endures

The ongoing story of Brad and Marti Mason from True Love Waits.

Today on Meet the Characters...

Judith Willis...

Marti's mother and owner of the Enchanted Book Nook & Cranny book store. Fun loving and adventurous, but worries herself over her only child constantly. She has a warm and kind heart and would never hurt a fly. Always smiling and doing things for others. Is very close to Brad Mason, her son-in-law, and would do just about anything for him. She considers her daughter her best friend.

Margaret Yates...

Judith's older sister and Marti's Aunt Maggs. She is much like Judith, but not as optimistic. She tends to worry about every little thing. She helped run the book store when Judith's husband died, but was diagnosed with dimensia and had been getting too forgetful, putting herself and others in danger. So she now lives in an assisted living center. She loves her sister and niece more than anything and loves for them to visit...as long as they bring that smokin' hot husband of Marti's. ;)

Thank you for Sharing with Me and be sure to stay tuned for more of "Meet the Characters" from True Love Endures.

~Ana B.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

True Love Endures

The ongoing story of Brad and Marti Mason from True Love Waits.

Today on Meet the Characters...

We meet Andrew Stoddard.

Little four year old Andy is the illegitimate son of Lisa Stoddard. He is a bright youngster with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He takes to Brad, Marti and Johnny almost instantly and captures their hearts with his zeal. Although he is mostly happy and carefree, he is sad at times and misses his mother immeasurably. Julian and Beverly do their best to keep him occupied, but, with their daughter in the hospital, they recruit the help of Johnny, Brad and Marti to keep his mind off of his mother. Andy is stronger than they give him credit for and braves a heart wrenching visit to his comatose mother.

Thanks for Sharing with me. Do come back to meet more characters of 
this heart wrenching tale of True Love…

~Ana B.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

True Love Endures

It’s time for more MEET THE CHARACTERS

Today, we have Brad's closest friend, Johnny Moreland and Brad's old lover, Lisa Stoddard…

Best friend to Brad and a Pediatrician. Has a kind heart and is very loveable. Has a way with children... they absolutely love him. He and Brad have been friends since grade school and are inseparable.
He's been in love with Lisa Stoddard, but never confessed his feelings to a living soul, not even her. She and Brad have "history", so, he's always kept his distance.
Johnny would cut off his right hand for Brad any day. And, now, Johnny has to decide what his next move will be...claim Lisa for himself now that Brad is married...or continue living on the outskirts of Lisa's very private life and love her from afar, as he always has?

Lisa Stoddard was Brad's "friend with benefits" off and on about six years ago. She developed feelings for Brad and because of this, she left...moved away, for she knew that his heart belonged to Marti Willis and she just couldn't compete with that. She also, secretly had strong feelings for Johnny Moreland. Lisa has a kind heart, but is stubborn and strong willed. Her independence is one of her strongest qualities. She has never married and has a four year old son, Andrew, whom is the only man in her life, besides her step father. She can be generous at times, but, for the most part is reserved and finds it hard to trust and open up to people. Her heart has a strong wall built around it and she always has her guard up when it comes to men. Dating is not one of her favorable diversions. 

Stay tuned for more of “Meet the Characters” from True Love Endures.

Until it's release...check out the story that started it all...

True Love Waits

After her divorce and leaving her dream job in New York, Marti Willis returns to her home town of Leesburg to take over her mother's book store. She'd left eleven years ago, breaking the heart of the only man she's ever truly loved, Brad Mason. When their paths cross once again, the old flame is rekindled and sparks fly. But will Marti be able to let Brad in with the secret she's been hiding?

Saturday, February 22, 2014

True Love Waits

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