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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

True Love Endures

The ongoing story of Brad and Marti Mason from True Love Waits.

Today on Meet the Characters...

We meet Andrew Stoddard.

Little four year old Andy is the illegitimate son of Lisa Stoddard. He is a bright youngster with lots of energy and enthusiasm. He takes to Brad, Marti and Johnny almost instantly and captures their hearts with his zeal. Although he is mostly happy and carefree, he is sad at times and misses his mother immeasurably. Julian and Beverly do their best to keep him occupied, but, with their daughter in the hospital, they recruit the help of Johnny, Brad and Marti to keep his mind off of his mother. Andy is stronger than they give him credit for and braves a heart wrenching visit to his comatose mother.

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this heart wrenching tale of True Love…

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