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Thursday, February 27, 2014

True Love Endures

The ongoing story of Brad and Marti Mason from True Love Waits.

Today on Meet the Characters...

Judith Willis...

Marti's mother and owner of the Enchanted Book Nook & Cranny book store. Fun loving and adventurous, but worries herself over her only child constantly. She has a warm and kind heart and would never hurt a fly. Always smiling and doing things for others. Is very close to Brad Mason, her son-in-law, and would do just about anything for him. She considers her daughter her best friend.

Margaret Yates...

Judith's older sister and Marti's Aunt Maggs. She is much like Judith, but not as optimistic. She tends to worry about every little thing. She helped run the book store when Judith's husband died, but was diagnosed with dimensia and had been getting too forgetful, putting herself and others in danger. So she now lives in an assisted living center. She loves her sister and niece more than anything and loves for them to visit...as long as they bring that smokin' hot husband of Marti's. ;)

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~Ana B.

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