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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Third Edition in

The Love Lights Collection…

One More Night

One More Night is about a woman who suffered a tragic loss and how to move on with her life, face her fears and learn how to love again.

Katherine St. Claire has mourned the loss of her brother and fiancĂ© on the anniversary of their deaths for the last four years. While drowning in her sorrows at a friend’s club, a very tall, dark and handsome stranger asks her to dance. Mistakenly thinking he is the guy her best friend has been trying relentlessly to set her up with for months, she tells him just what she thinks of him and his womanizing ways that he is notorious for. But, to her horror, she learns that he isn't that man, and apologizes. One thing leads to another and she finds herself agreeing to a one night stand with this handsome stranger. After a night of the hottest sex she's ever had, Katherine finds herself wishing she could have more of him. But, no strings attached was what he wanted. How can she get over the loss of the only other man she's ever been with other than her fiancĂ©? The way he made her feel was incredible and it was tormenting her and her heart was aching for one more night with him.

Jonathan Wolfe had been searching for his long lost sister, Juliana for the last four years. He and his brother Jonas had finally tracked her down in Texas. After a night of celebrating with her and her friends, Jonathan found himself in need of some release that he'd been denying himself of until they found Jules. He had his eye on a certain brunette at the bar who seemed to be alone. After being rudely rejected, he tried to find another woman that would suit his needs, but he desperately wanted her for some strange reason and no one else. After salvaging what was an obvious misunderstanding, Jonathan took her to his hotel for a night of reckless abandon. Surprisingly, it was more than that to him and he wanted more of this raving beauty in his arms. But, he lived far away and would be leaving soon. He found his heart breaking to let her walk out of his life. If only he had one more night with her.

Will fate step in and bring these two together once more, or will unsuspecting dangers that linger with Jonathan's family keep them from coming together?

Jonathan stood under the hot shower, deep in thought about his near future.  Could Katherine be the one?  Will she still see me if I stay here, permanently?  Or is this only temporary for her?  He sighed.  I hope not.  I hope she feels the same way I do about her.  She says she does, but how do I know it isn't just lust, after so long without a man?  As he rinsed himself off, his heart felt heavy.  The truth is I think I'm actually falling for her.  He felt nauseated thinking she may not feel the same.  He had decided that, even if they didn't continue seeing each other, he still wanted to be closer to Jules.  Moving to Texas was his final decision.  He only hoped that Katherine would be happy about it.
He dried himself off, pulled on his jeans and walked down the hall.  He could smell the delicious aroma of bacon.  He breathed in and sighed.  Damn, that smells good.  He thought.  He had grown very hungry and hoped he didn't have to wait much longer to eat.
He stopped at the end of the hallway when he caught a glimpse of Katherine, dancing around the kitchen to “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias.  He cocked his head as she bent over to take something from the oven.  She turned around with a pan of biscuits in her hand and sat them on the bar.  She looked up and smiled at him.
“Just in time!  Everything's ready!”  She said cheerfully.  She went to the fridge.  “You like orange juice?”  She asked.
“Sure.”  He said, watching every little move she made.  She was still wearing her black silk robe with a black and white cow spotted apron over it.  Her hair was pinned up and she was bare foot.  She was as beautiful as he'd ever seen her.
Katherine sat the juice on the bar and took off her apron.  She noticed he was wearing only his jeans.  His chest was fabulously muscled and his bare feet were even sexy.  She wondered what it would be like if she could see him like that every day.
“Sit.  Help yourself to whatever you want.”  She smiled.  She sat on the stool next to him and grabbed a plate with fried eggs.  She handed them to him.  “Hard fried, as you requested.”  She said cheerfully.
He forked three onto his plate.  “These look perfect.”  He grabbed a handful of bacon and a biscuit.  She handed him the white gravy and when he reached for it, their hands touched.  He smiled crookedly at her and spooned the gravy onto his split biscuit.
“This looks amazing, Katherine.  Do you cook often?”  He asked, wanting to know more about her.
She snickered.  “When there's someone to cook for, yes.  I cook all the time when Harley's here.  Peter and Ty sometimes come over for dinner.”  She smiled as she took a bite of bacon.  “Peter comes over once a week.  Ty, more like once or twice a month.  He has Sam to keep him busy, now.”  She chuckled as she took a bite of her egg.  “She was the gorgeous model on the boat with the string bikini and the killer body.  I think they'll end up getting married.”
Jonathan looked at her.  “And, that's a good thing?”  He asked curiously.
“Oh yes.”  She said taking a sip of juice.  “Sam's great!  Ty really loves her, too.  I think they make a great couple.”  She smiled as she looked up at nothing in particular.  “Between those two, they'll have the most beautiful kids.”
Jonathan smiled, chewing a piece of bacon and watching her.  He loved how she smiled shyly and pulled a lock of hair behind her ear when she was embarrassed.  She looked so adorable when she did that.
Katherine looked at Jonathan.  “Do you like kids?”  She asked, wanting to know more about him.
“Yes.”  He said, almost sadly.  “I was hoping to have at least one by now.”
Katherine frowned.  “But, you were too busy looking for your sister?”  She asked sympathetically.
He nodded and swallowed.  “Yes.  I've had to put my life on hold for her.”  He looked up at Katherine.  “Not that she wasn't worth it, she is.  I just saw myself married at this point in my life.  Either with one or two kids or at least one on the way.”  He bowed his head.
He looked so sad.  Katherine felt like crying.  She wanted to be married by now, too.  Maybe, not with kids, yet.  But, with in the next few years.
“I'm sorry things haven't turned out the way you planned.”  She whispered.  “Looks like we have that in common.”  She said sadly.
“Yes.  I guess we do.”  He murmured.  He pushed his plate away.
Katherine's eyes grew wide.  “You didn't like it?”  She asked, panicked.
“It's not that.  I'm just not as hungry as I thought I was.”  He said softly.  “I guess I should be going.  It's late and I'm sure Jonas is wondering where I am.”  He lied.  Jonas didn't care where he was, as long as he stayed out of his business.  He was probably busy with some girl he picked up at a bar.  The truth was, Jonathan was depressed at the thought of how his plans had failed.  He felt so lonely all of a sudden.  Katherine was probably using him to get back into the swing of dating again.  Not that he blamed her.  She needed to.  She probably didn't realize she was using him.  She'd been without a man for so long she would think she was falling in love with the first one to warm her bed.
Katherine's heart was breaking.  What just happened?  She wondered.  I assumed he'd stay the night.  Now he wants to leave?
“Did I do something wrong, Jonathan?”  She asked frantically.
He looked at her surprised.  “Oh, no!  Of course, you didn't.  You've done everything just right.”  He sighed.  “I guess that's why I'm so down on myself.  I wanted to have a wife to cook for me and to make love to every night.  Someone to love, and who'd love me in return.”  He saw the pity in her eyes.  He didn't want her pity or anyone else’s.  “I'm sorry, Katherine.  I think it's best if I just leave.”
“But, why?”  Katherine asked.  “Do you not really care about me?  Did you just say that?”  She said with tears in her eyes.  “You said you didn't play games, Jonathan!  What are you doing, now?  First, you tell me you care about me, enough to move here to be with me, now you think its best that you leave?  Why?”
Jonathan was caught off guard with her boldness.  “I do care about you, Katherine.  Maybe a little too much!  Maybe it's scaring the hell out of me just how much I care for you!”  He ran his fingers through his hair.  “We met the day before yesterday and I'm almost positive that I'm falling in love with you!”
“And, that's a reason to leave?”  She shouted.  “That sounds like a reason to stay, to me, Jonathan!”  She scowled.  “And, what about how I feel?  Have you even once thought to ask me how I feel about you?”  She stood and took her plate to the sink.  She turned around sharply.  “Don’t you even care that, maybe, just maybe, I feel the same way about you?”

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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ties That Bind

The Second Story of

The Love Lights Collection

Ties that bind is a story of a young woman who had been brutally abused by a controlling Dominant who was cruel and dangerous. On the run for four long years, she begins to relax and plans to settle down in a small Texas town where she meets the man of her dreams. But, unbeknownst to her, the dangerous Dom has finally found her and threatens more than just punishing her. This story has action and adventure added to the hot steamy sex between Juliana Cross and her handsome beau, Clayton Sharp. Danger, sexual abuse, including m/m abuse, and a terror that will have you on the edge of your seat wrap up this tale of desire, mystery, heartache, passion, trust and true love. Join Clay as he unravels the mysteries of Juliana Cross, fights for her love and for her life and is brought to his knees by her love and most of all, her trust in him.

Juliana "Jules" Wolfe is a woman with deep emotional scars from being sexually abused for two years by her older brother, Jonathan's friend, David, who turned out to be a psychopath and a Dominant monster who practiced hardcore Bondage and Discipline. After a good caning from David, Jonathan found the bruises across her back and became infuriated, stormed out in a rage and disappeared for days. With him gone, Jules didn't know what to do and fled.

Escaping David's clutches and tormented by her brother running out on her when she needed him most, Jules changed her last name and went into hiding, moving from place to place randomly, hoping David would never find her.

After four years of running, Jules decided she's safe enough to settle down. She found a good job as an assistant for Emma Malone at Malone Enterprises and decided to stay and plant her roots in Texas.

Then she met him.

Clay Sharp, was larger than life, yet gentle as a kitten. Jules unwillingly falls for him despite her fear of falling into a dangerous relationship as she had before. She wants to trust him, but she can't find the courage to tell him her deep dark secret.

Clayton Sharp had always been shy and had a terribly low self-esteem. His closest friend, Mason Malone, had helped him crawl from the shadows and work his way up to become the Head Construction Engineer at Malone Enterprises. He seemed to have everything going for him; wealth, success, good looks and good health. He'd even been seen with a model or two on his arm. Things were looking up for Clay and he felt he was on top of the world.

Then he met her.

Juliana Cross is everything he never even knew he wanted in a woman. When he tries to pursue her, she turns him down flat. His insecurity returns with a vengeance as she tries to push him away. She has a dark secret that keeps her at a distance and he wants to know why.

Will Jules be able to put her fears of being abused or even worse, being abandoned by someone she loves aside and trust Clay with her fragile heart and live a normal happy life with him? Will Clay be enough to make her stay?

Clay yearns to find out what happened to Jules in the past. He wants to know who or what he needs to protect her from, but she refuses to tell him. Will he be able to convince her that he loves her and that he will never hurt or leave her?

Will their love for each other be enough to keep her from running again? And keep her safe from the danger that has been following her and lurking in the shadows?


Jules knocked on the door of the house that David told her to come to. It was a frame house, not very big and poorly kept. The grass was cut, but, the house itself was badly in need of a few coats of paint and some lumber replaced. There were holes in the wooden porch and the windows looked to be at least fifty years old.
Jules tensed as the door opened. David stood there, looking as hot as ever in only a pair on faded jeans and barefoot. He stepped forward, his blue eyes dark and wicked.
“Julia, my honey pot!” He cried as he pulled her into an embrace. “So glad you could make it!”
Jules flinched at his touch. He held her at arms-length. “My, my, you look good enough to eat, my sweet little muffin.” He smiled crookedly at her. “Come in, come in, the show’s about to start.” He said in excitement. “Of course, we had to wait for the star of the show to arrive. And, you're just in time...The rest of the cast is ready and waiting.”
He's gone completely mad! “Where's Clay? I want to see him, now!” She demanded.
David stopped and glared angrily at her. “Making demands, now, are we?” His eyes grew very dark and demonic. “We'll have to remind you whom has rights and whom doesn't.” He chided.
Jules cowered and automatically went into submissive mode, dropping to her knees with her head bowed.
David smiled victoriously. “That's more like it...Stand! Come!” He ordered.
She followed him downstairs into the basement. He'd turned it into hell on earth, just like his house in Oklahoma. He had all the usual bondage apparatus....a Pandora's chest with two slanted poles standing on one end, a power pole with spreaders and a bed with a hard, leather mattress. On one wall hung whips, floggers and canes. Next to those was a chest with four drawers. She knew what was in them. All sorts of torture devices and cuffs, binding cords, gags, collars, and who knows what else. On the far wall, she saw Clay...bound to a cross, completely naked and blindfolded.
She gasped. “Clay.” She whispered. “Oh God, no!” She started to run to him, but, David stopped her with a riding crop at her waist. He just shook his head at her. She understood what he'd do if she defied him.
David laughed. “Well, Simon says we should take off Mr. Sharp's blindfold so he can meet his co-star.” He said madly.
“Let him go, David. Please!” She cried. “I'll do anything you want, just leave him alone!"
Clay raised his head, listening closely. Juliana? She knows this man? He thought, despairingly.
“Oh, you'll do anything I want, anyway...won't you, my sweet little kernel?” He laughed. He walked over to Clay and ran his hands along the sides of his chest and down his abs to his hips. He slapped his butt and laughed at Jules.
“I think he'll do nicely for what we have in mind."



Saturday, January 18, 2014

Check out the Love Lights Collection

All four books available for your enjoyment.

The first of this awesome collection is
“First Sight”

First Sight is about a young woman who has taken the vow of abstinence until marriage.  That was fine and dandy until she met the love of her life.  Upon learning of her innocence, he tries to respect her decision, but, struggles with the constant temptations she radiates toward him at every turn.  Both do the best they can to fight the urge to give in and let their cravings for one another overtake their sanity.  Exploring the pleasures of the flesh without actually taking her virtue becomes a regularity as the couple fall more in love with each other and become one in every other way.

Warning:  This book is for 18+ only.  Although this story is mostly about abstinence, keep in mind that the struggles they face can be rather explicit.  Very erotic situations within these pages.

Emma Rhodes is a college graduate on the road to finding her dream job as an Interior Designer for the perfect company, Malone Enterprises. She never expected not only to land the perfect job, but to find the perfect man who happens to be the CEO of the company and the most eligible bachelor in the state of Texas, Mason Malone. He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man, but will he be interested in her when he learns that she’s a virgin and has always planned to stay that way until marriage? Once she sees the Love Lights in his eyes, she's sure he's the man God made for her. Her plans take a turn and she's willing to give him everything, her heart, body and soul.
Mason Malone has never been serious about dating any woman exclusively. No woman has ever treated him as a normal person. All they see is a successful billionaire playboy that could be their meal ticket to fame and fortune. So, Mason simply doesn't date much and throws himself into his work. He also never planned to marry and have a family, but when a young catcher, recruited to play on the Malone Mavericks softball team at the company picnic, catches his eye, his plans change almost instantly. Emma Rhodes is everything he's ever wanted in a woman. She’s beautiful, charming and treats him as a normal human being. She also has a certain twinkle in her eyes that has him bewitched. She's the woman he's always dreamed of and he can't believe she actually exists.
Things heat up for the couple the very day they meet, and Mason can't wait to get her into his bed. But he learns something shocking about his perfect angel in the heat of the moment, just as he has her where he wants her. She's a twenty four year old virgin. He wants nothing more than to get her into his bed, but to take her virtue? He was taught better than that. It’s time to be the gentleman he was raised to be.
Will Mason be able to resist the constant temptation of making love to his beautiful angel when he promised her, himself and God that he wouldn't? Will Emma be able to convince him that she's ready to take the plunge and become a woman in every sense of the word?
"Love Lights: First Sight" is an amazing story of abstinence and the struggles of maintaining it when in love, respect from a true gentleman and the sweetness of true love at first sight.

Let's meet the characters.


Mason sat in his Bugatti Veyron in the driveway of Curt and Loris Rhodes’ home. He was nervous, a very unfamiliar feeling to him. He was used to facing very wealthy, powerful men and debating with them over contracts. They never intimidated him and he was never nervous. He was in his element. But, here, now? He couldn't be more terrified. What if her father doesn't approve of me? What if he tells me never to see his daughter, again? He chuckled. "Mason Malone, afraid of a girl's father, I must really have it bad for her." 
He took a deep breath and got out of his car. As he walked up the curved sidewalk to the modest white brick home, he noticed how well the flower beds were kept. They were adorned with assorted flowers of all colors and a few shrubs and bushes. A large covered porch went across the front of the house, with two round tables with four chairs at each one to the left. On the right was a white wooden porch swing. He rang the doorbell and waited anxiously. He heard a dog barking and a woman's voice shushing it. The door opened and a short thin woman appeared, smiling. 
Her hair was short, spiked, and dark blonde with light blonde highlights. She had a kind face, not at all wrinkled for an older woman. She was quite beautiful and probably in her late fifties, Mason thought. Her eyes were blue and she had a beautiful, welcoming smile. “Hello. Can I help you?” She asked very politely. Mason cleared his throat. “Good afternoon, Mrs. Rhodes. I'm Mason Malone. I'm...
Oh! Mason?” She cried. “Emma's told me so much about you!” She motioned for him to enter. “Please! Come in!” 
Mason smiled with relief and walked in. He handed her a small bouquet of orange roses with red tips. “These are for you, Mrs. Rhodes.” 
“Oh! How lovely! They're my favorite!” She cried as she took them and sniffed. “And, please call me Loris. Won't you have a seat while I put these in some water?"
“Yes. Thank you.” He smiled nervously and took a seat in the den. He heard her call out to her husband. “Curt, dear! We have a visitor!” 
“I'll be right down, Hun! Gotta put one more piece on Emma's, um, present!” He shouted from upstairs. Loris walked back in with a crystal vase half full of water with the roses arranged perfectly. She sat them on the sofa table. “There. Isn't that lovely?”
“Yes, ma'am. It is. That's a lovely vase.” He said trying to hide his nerves. 
“Oh, thank you! We got it as a gift for our silver anniversary with a silver tea set.” She said grinning as she took a seat. “So, Mason. What brings you here?” She asked. 
Mason blushed. Something he’d never done until he met Emma. “I've come to speak with your husband about Emma.” 
“Is everything alright? She's not in any kind of trouble, is she?” She was toying with him. She knew why he was there. Only one reason for a man to come to speak to a girl's father. And, after the things Emma had told them, she couldn't be more delighted. 
“No. Of course not.” He said shyly. “I just...” 
They heard footsteps coming down the stairs. A tall, very fit man of about sixty or so stepped into the den. “Well, I finally finished! It should be ready to box and wrap in an hour.” He said smiling. He had thick white, wavy hair slicked back a little and was clean shaven. He was wearing Levi’s and a button up burgundy shirt and a pair of brown loafers. 
“Curt, dear. This is Mason Malone. Emma's boyfriend.” Loris smiled and winked at her husband. 
“Well.” He smiled brightly and held out his hand. “It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mason! Emma's talked about nothing but you for the past two weeks.” 
“It's nice to meet you, Mr. Rhodes.” Mason said, shaking Curt's hand firmly. 
Curt sat on the sofa and put his arm around Loris. “So. What brings you here, Mason?” 
“Well, sir. I wanted to speak to you about Emma.” 
“I see. And, what would you like to discuss?” Curt asked not entirely oblivious to his intentions.
“Well, sir. I've only known Emma a short time. Three weeks and two days, to be exact.” He said calmly. “I've grown quite fond of her and have gotten to know her better than I know anyone else.” 
Curt nodded. “How well do you mean?” He asked, suspiciously. 
Mason smiled nervously. “I mean that we've spent a lot of time together and have talked about almost everything. Your daughter is a wonderful person.” He seemed to slip into a daze. “She's beautiful, smart, kind, loving...” He looked at both of them. “I've fallen deeply in love with her. And, I'd like to ask your permission for her hand in marriage.” 
Loris gazed at him with her mouth dropped and watery eyes. 
Curt cocked his head and narrowed his eyes, as if he were burning a hole through Mason's skull. “You've only known her three weeks and two days. Don't you think it's a little soon for talk of marriage?” He asked. “I've thought about it and I've counseled with men whose opinion I value very highly.” He explained. “Mr. Rhodes, I fell in love with Emma the day we met. I've given this a lot of thought, sir. I love Emma more than anything in the world. I've never felt this way about anyone. She makes me want to be a better person.”
Curt studied Mason's face. He turned to Loris and whispered in her ear. She stood and left the room. Mason politely stood and watched her leave. He sat back down and looked Curt in the eyes. 
“Mason. I would like to ask you some questions before we discuss this any further, and, I'd like for you to answer in complete honesty.” 
“Of course.” He answered expectantly.
Curt took a deep breath. “How old are you?” 
“Twenty seven.” 
“Have you ever been married?” 
“No, sir. I’ve never thought of marriage until I met Emma.” He told him boldly. 
“Do you have any children?” 
“No, sir.” 
“Have you had sex before?” 
Mason grew uncomfortable, but, decided to answer all questions truthfully. He wanted Emma's father to know him when he made his decision. “Yes, sir.” 
“I see. With Emma?” 
“No, sir.” 
“How many women?” 
He thought a moment. “Four.” 
“Four?” He asked in disbelief. 
Mason looked at the floor. “Yes, sir. Four.” 
“How long has it been since you last had sex?” 
“A little over a year.”
“Were you in love with any of them?” 
“No. I only had sex with them.” He stated plainly. 
“And, you haven't with Emma?” 
“No, sir.” 
“Why not?” He shrugged nonchalantly. 
Mason narrowed his eyes. “I beg your pardon?” 
“Why have you not slept with Emma?” He asked plainly.
Mason squirmed in his seat. “Because I...because she's a virgin.” 
Curt smiled in relief. “What does that matter to you?” 
“Excuse me?” Mason couldn’t believe his attitude toward this subject. Did he feel offended because Mason hadn’t slept with his daughter? What was this guy’s game? 
Curt smiled and nodded. “Just humor me, Mason and answer the question. Why do you care whether or not she’s a virgin?” 
Mason took a deep breath. “Well. I care very much for her and don't want to hurt her, in any way. I could never dishonor her, Mr. Rhodes. I have to admit, I would have, had she not been a virgin. But, I want to do right by her. I want to be a gentleman with her.” 
Curt smiled. “What are your thoughts about how a marriage should be?”
“I think a man should honor the vows he takes, no matter what circumstances arise. And, I think a man should weigh those vows before he takes them. They are permanent and a man should be one hundred percent sure he's willing to abide by them.” 
“And, you think that you are a hundred percent sure?” Her father asked. 
Mason smiled. “Oh, I'm more than that. And, I don't believe in divorce.”
Curt smiled slyly. “Most people say that when they marry. But, the divorce rate is sky high.” 
“With all due respect, Mr. Rhodes, I believe that men who allow divorce to creep into their minds, are cowards and don't deserve the women they married. I love Emma with everything that I am. I want to spend the rest of my life, and then eternity, with her. Not just the next five, ten, twenty years. I want her for my whole life.” He sighed. “But, I need your blessing before that can happen. And, I hope that you will trust me when I say that I will cherish Emma's heart and I will protect her and love her every day for the rest of my life.” 
Curt leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees. He looked into Mason's eyes. “Son. You are a strong, courageous man to come here and speak to me about this. Thank you for being honest with me.” He studied Mason's eyes for a moment. “I believe you will cherish and love my little girl. But, if for one second you have doubts about your feelings for her, I pray that you won't go through with this.” He stood and held out his hand. “Mason, son, you have my blessing to marry Emma.” 
Mason stood and grinned from ear to ear. “Thank you, sir.” He said, shaking his hand. “I won't disappoint either of you.”