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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ties That Bind

The Second Story of

The Love Lights Collection

Ties that bind is a story of a young woman who had been brutally abused by a controlling Dominant who was cruel and dangerous. On the run for four long years, she begins to relax and plans to settle down in a small Texas town where she meets the man of her dreams. But, unbeknownst to her, the dangerous Dom has finally found her and threatens more than just punishing her. This story has action and adventure added to the hot steamy sex between Juliana Cross and her handsome beau, Clayton Sharp. Danger, sexual abuse, including m/m abuse, and a terror that will have you on the edge of your seat wrap up this tale of desire, mystery, heartache, passion, trust and true love. Join Clay as he unravels the mysteries of Juliana Cross, fights for her love and for her life and is brought to his knees by her love and most of all, her trust in him.

Juliana "Jules" Wolfe is a woman with deep emotional scars from being sexually abused for two years by her older brother, Jonathan's friend, David, who turned out to be a psychopath and a Dominant monster who practiced hardcore Bondage and Discipline. After a good caning from David, Jonathan found the bruises across her back and became infuriated, stormed out in a rage and disappeared for days. With him gone, Jules didn't know what to do and fled.

Escaping David's clutches and tormented by her brother running out on her when she needed him most, Jules changed her last name and went into hiding, moving from place to place randomly, hoping David would never find her.

After four years of running, Jules decided she's safe enough to settle down. She found a good job as an assistant for Emma Malone at Malone Enterprises and decided to stay and plant her roots in Texas.

Then she met him.

Clay Sharp, was larger than life, yet gentle as a kitten. Jules unwillingly falls for him despite her fear of falling into a dangerous relationship as she had before. She wants to trust him, but she can't find the courage to tell him her deep dark secret.

Clayton Sharp had always been shy and had a terribly low self-esteem. His closest friend, Mason Malone, had helped him crawl from the shadows and work his way up to become the Head Construction Engineer at Malone Enterprises. He seemed to have everything going for him; wealth, success, good looks and good health. He'd even been seen with a model or two on his arm. Things were looking up for Clay and he felt he was on top of the world.

Then he met her.

Juliana Cross is everything he never even knew he wanted in a woman. When he tries to pursue her, she turns him down flat. His insecurity returns with a vengeance as she tries to push him away. She has a dark secret that keeps her at a distance and he wants to know why.

Will Jules be able to put her fears of being abused or even worse, being abandoned by someone she loves aside and trust Clay with her fragile heart and live a normal happy life with him? Will Clay be enough to make her stay?

Clay yearns to find out what happened to Jules in the past. He wants to know who or what he needs to protect her from, but she refuses to tell him. Will he be able to convince her that he loves her and that he will never hurt or leave her?

Will their love for each other be enough to keep her from running again? And keep her safe from the danger that has been following her and lurking in the shadows?


Jules knocked on the door of the house that David told her to come to. It was a frame house, not very big and poorly kept. The grass was cut, but, the house itself was badly in need of a few coats of paint and some lumber replaced. There were holes in the wooden porch and the windows looked to be at least fifty years old.
Jules tensed as the door opened. David stood there, looking as hot as ever in only a pair on faded jeans and barefoot. He stepped forward, his blue eyes dark and wicked.
“Julia, my honey pot!” He cried as he pulled her into an embrace. “So glad you could make it!”
Jules flinched at his touch. He held her at arms-length. “My, my, you look good enough to eat, my sweet little muffin.” He smiled crookedly at her. “Come in, come in, the show’s about to start.” He said in excitement. “Of course, we had to wait for the star of the show to arrive. And, you're just in time...The rest of the cast is ready and waiting.”
He's gone completely mad! “Where's Clay? I want to see him, now!” She demanded.
David stopped and glared angrily at her. “Making demands, now, are we?” His eyes grew very dark and demonic. “We'll have to remind you whom has rights and whom doesn't.” He chided.
Jules cowered and automatically went into submissive mode, dropping to her knees with her head bowed.
David smiled victoriously. “That's more like it...Stand! Come!” He ordered.
She followed him downstairs into the basement. He'd turned it into hell on earth, just like his house in Oklahoma. He had all the usual bondage apparatus....a Pandora's chest with two slanted poles standing on one end, a power pole with spreaders and a bed with a hard, leather mattress. On one wall hung whips, floggers and canes. Next to those was a chest with four drawers. She knew what was in them. All sorts of torture devices and cuffs, binding cords, gags, collars, and who knows what else. On the far wall, she saw Clay...bound to a cross, completely naked and blindfolded.
She gasped. “Clay.” She whispered. “Oh God, no!” She started to run to him, but, David stopped her with a riding crop at her waist. He just shook his head at her. She understood what he'd do if she defied him.
David laughed. “Well, Simon says we should take off Mr. Sharp's blindfold so he can meet his co-star.” He said madly.
“Let him go, David. Please!” She cried. “I'll do anything you want, just leave him alone!"
Clay raised his head, listening closely. Juliana? She knows this man? He thought, despairingly.
“Oh, you'll do anything I want, anyway...won't you, my sweet little kernel?” He laughed. He walked over to Clay and ran his hands along the sides of his chest and down his abs to his hips. He slapped his butt and laughed at Jules.
“I think he'll do nicely for what we have in mind."



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