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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Coming in Just 2 Days!!

A Christmas Gift

From Me to You!

Hello and Happy Holidays

My wonderful friends!

I have a treat written just in time for Christmas!

At the request of so many fans,

I’ve finally written Jonas Wolfe’s story!

A gift from me to you,

This hot and steamy romance

Is short, sweet and very sexy!

Jonas Wolfe hasn't forgotten the beauty he left behind when he left Texas two years ago. Bailey Malone has haunted his thoughts and dreams ever since he saw the twinkling promise of forever in her bright green eyes. After making financial preparations to pursue the very wealthy heiress, he returns to Grapevine, Texas in hopes to woo the much desired and coveted belle of the Malone Empire.

Bailey Malone was left confused and bewildered when Jonas Wolfe asked her out on a date two years ago, then disappeared back to Oklahoma without so much as a "sorry, but I have to cancel our date" or even a simple "goodbye". The dark and handsome brother of Juliana Sharp had captured her heart with a single glance. The stars in his eyes told of beautiful things that he had to offer. But, as all the other guys, he didn't seem to be interested in a forever kind of deal. At least, not with her anyway. Still, forgetting that glimmer in his eyes was nigh impossible. Dreaming of him was hindering her love life and she couldn't seem to stop comparing all other men to Jonas Wolfe.

When Jonas returns to Texas, after a slightly heated confrontation, things quickly go from warm to scorching hot with Bailey. Unable to resist each other's attraction for one another, their relationship elevates to heights well above the clouds. They fall so quickly for each other, they hardly have time to sort out what their relationship entails.

Assumptions are made and Jonas catches Bailey in a compromising position with another man, leaving him confused and angry.

Will Bailey be able to convince him that he is the one she loves? Will Jonas be able to ignore things he's heard about Bailey, from her own brother, and the string of men she's left in her wake?

Check out this Christmas tale of true love and how a promise of forever is the sweetest gift of all.

Check out the other Editions of the “Love Lights” Series.

Emma Rhodes is a college graduate on the road to finding her dream job as an Interior Designer for the perfect company, Malone Enterprises. She never expected not only to land the perfect job, but to find the perfect man who happens to be the CEO of the company and the most eligible bachelor in the state of Texas, Mason Malone. He’s everything she’s ever wanted in a man, but will he be interested in her when he learns that she’s a virgin and has always planned to stay that way until marriage? Once she sees the Love Lights in his eyes, she's sure he's the man God made for her. Her plans take a turn and she's willing to give him everything, her heart, body and soul.
Mason Malone has never been serious about dating any woman exclusively. No woman has ever treated him as a normal person. All they see is a successful billionaire playboy that could be their meal ticket to fame and fortune. So, Mason simply doesn't date much and throws himself into his work. He also never planned to marry and have a family, but when a young catcher, recruited to play on the Malone Mavericks softball team at the company picnic, catches his eye, his plans change almost instantly. Emma Rhodes is everything he's ever wanted in a woman. She’s beautiful, charming and treats him as a normal human being. She also has a certain twinkle in her eyes that has him bewitched. She's the woman he's always dreamed of and he can't believe she actually exists.
Things heat up for the couple the very day they meet, and Mason can't wait to get her into his bed. But he learns something shocking about his perfect angel in the heat of the moment, just as he has her where he wants her. She's a twenty four year old virgin. He wants nothing more than to get her into his bed, but to take her virtue? He was taught better than that. It’s time to be the gentleman he was raised to be.
Will Mason be able to resist the constant temptation of making love to his beautiful angel when he promised her, himself and God that he wouldn't? Will Emma be able to convince him that she's ready to take the plunge and become a woman in every sense of the word?
"Love Lights: First Sight" is an amazing story of abstinence and the struggles of maintaining it when in love, respect from a true gentleman and the sweetness of true love at first sight.

Juliana "Jules" Wolfe is a woman with deep emotional scars from being sexually abused for two years by her older brother, Jonathan's friend, David, who turned out to be a psychopath and a Dominant monster who practiced hardcore Bondage and Discipline. After a good caning from David, Jonathan found the bruises across her back and became infuriated, stormed out in a rage and disappeared for days. With him gone, Jules didn't know what to do and fled.

Escaping David's clutches and tormented by her brother running out on her when she needed him most, Jules changed her last name and went into hiding, moving from place to place randomly, hoping David would never find her.

After four years of running, Jules decided she's safe enough to settle down. She found a good job as an assistant for Emma Malone at Malone Enterprises and decided to stay and plant her roots in Texas.

Then she met him.

Clay Sharp, was larger than life, yet gentle as a kitten. Jules unwillingly falls for him despite her fear of falling into a dangerous relationship as she had before. She wants to trust him, but she can't find the courage to tell him her deep dark secret.

Clayton Sharp had always been shy and had a terribly low self-esteem. His closest friend, Mason Malone, had helped him crawl from the shadows and work his way up to become the Head Construction Engineer at Malone Enterprises. He seemed to have everything going for him; wealth, success, good looks and good health. He'd even been seen with a model or two on his arm. Things were looking up for Clay and he felt he was on top of the world.

Then he met her.

Juliana Cross is everything he never even knew he wanted in a woman. When he tries to pursue her, she turns him down flat. His insecurity returns with a vengeance as she tries to push him away. She has a dark secret that keeps her at a distance and he wants to know why.

Will Jules be able to put her fears of being abused or even worse, being abandoned by someone she loves aside and trust Clay with her fragile heart and live a normal happy life with him? Will Clay be enough to make her stay?

Clay yearns to find out what happened to Jules in the past. He wants to know who or what he needs to protect her from, but she refuses to tell him. Will he be able to convince her that he loves her and that he will never hurt or leave her?

Will their love for each other be enough to keep her from running again? And keep her safe from the danger that has been following her and lurking in the shadows?

Katherine St. Claire has mourned the loss of her brother and fiancĂ© on the anniversary of their deaths for the last four years. While drowning in her sorrows at a friend’s club, a very tall, dark and handsome stranger asks her to dance. Mistakenly thinking he is the guy her best friend has been trying relentlessly to set her up with for months, she tells him just what she thinks of him and his womanizing ways that he is notorious for. But, to her horror, she learns that he isn't that man, and apologizes. One thing leads to another and she finds herself agreeing to a one night stand with this handsome stranger. After a night of the hottest sex she's ever had, Katherine finds herself wishing she could have more of him. But, no strings attached was what he wanted. How can she get over the loss of the only other man she's ever been with other than her fiancĂ©? The way he made her feel was incredible and it was tormenting her and her heart was aching for one more night with him.

Jonathan Wolfe had been searching for his long lost sister, Juliana for the last four years. He and his brother Jonas had finally tracked her down in Texas. After a night of celebrating with her and her friends, Jonathan found himself in need of some release that he'd been denying himself of until they found Jules. He had his eye on a certain brunette at the bar who seemed to be alone. After being rudely rejected, he tried to find another woman that would suit his needs, but he desperately wanted her for some strange reason and no one else. After salvaging what was an obvious misunderstanding, Jonathan took her to his hotel for a night of reckless abandon. Surprisingly, it was more than that to him and he wanted more of this raving beauty in his arms. But, he lived far away and would be leaving soon. He found his heart breaking to let her walk out of his life. If only he had one more night with her.

Will fate step in and bring these two together once more, or will unsuspecting dangers that linger with Jonathan's family keep them from coming together?


Thanks for Sharing with me today! I hope you’ll come back for more!

~Ana Bee

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Born of Fireworks is the third installment of The Firehouse Diaries by Chasity Breeze and is due to be released on the perfect day for fireworks...the Fourth of July! Please help me give a warm welcome to Jake Polanski and Reagan Baumy.

Hello, Jake and Rheagan.  Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing with me and all of your eager fans today.

Jake~Thank you for having us, Ana.

How about we jump right in and get started?

Rheagan~Ask away!  We’re an open book.  

A~(smile) First question...I’d like to ask you, Rheagan.  Jake had already been introduced to the The Firehouse Diaries fans from the very first book…how did it feel being the “new girl” in this incredibly sexy group of firefighters?  And, how did all these guys treat you?

R~Oh…at first, I was both excited and nervous!  (smiles at Jake)  I knew when I came to visit Sera that I would be hanging out with all of these extremely hot guys, (giggles and blushes) but once I got here, meeting all of them was a little overwhelming.  I mean, they are all super hot! (looks at Jake and blushes) I really just wanted to find someone to spend some time with when Sera and McK were working and hopefully have some “benefits” on the side.  Everyone welcomed me with open arms as an addition to their group.  It didn’t take long to fit in.  I first became very close to Jake, then, I got to know his friends and I love every one of them.

A~(to Rheagan) Did the other guys flirt with you in the beginning?  And do they now?

R~(Laughs) Actually, they never had the chance to flirt with me in the beginning.  (smiles at Jake and holds his hand)  Once I saw Jake, they sort of faded into the background and he had all of my attention.  Now they flirt with me all the time.  They like to see Jake squirm, I think.

A~Ha! Typical guys.  (I smile and turn to Jake)  Jake, how does it make you feel when your friends flirt with Rheagan?

J~Honestly, Ana, it makes me feel good.  When they joke around flirting with her, I think of it as a form of flattery and a pat on the back.  I’m happy they’re all friends with her.  Of course I act jealous, but deep down, these guys are like my brothers.  I know they would never do anything with Rhea to really piss me off.  I just like to humor them. 

A~That’s really big of you to look at it that way.
Jake, you and Sera have been very close for several years…did you ever have a thing for her?  And, did she have a thing for you?

J~(Laughs and leans forward) It’s funny you should ask that.  Rhea and I were just talking about that  yesterday.  I suppose you could say I did have a little crush on her in the beginning of our friendship.  I mean, she’s gorgeous.  But it didn’t seem right.  Sera is like a sister to me more than anything.  I love her in a big brotherly sort of way.  As for her having a thing for me…I couldn’t say.  If she did, I wasn’t aware of it.

A~Rheagan, when you went back to LA temporarily, did your ex-boyfriend, Barry, try to get in contact with you?  Did you ever see him again?

R~Yes, he did and I did see him one time.  Thankfully, Jake was with me, so Barry cowered down and I haven’t heard from him again.  (laughs)  I think one look at Jake and how fit he is…was all it took to send him packing and running for the hills.

A~(laugh)  So, without spoiling your story for the readers who haven’t heard it yet…tell us how things are going now with the two of you.  Although, I can see by looking at you that you are very much in love.

J~Things are perfect.  We have so many things in common and we love each other’s company…in and outside of the bedroom.  (winks at me)

A~Oh, Jake, now you’re making me blush.
Rheagan, have you been in contact with your dad at all?

R~(smiles) I talk to him on the phone some and we email back and forth.  After Jake and I got together, he convinced me not to shut my dad out of my life.  So, we went to visit him a few times.  He’s still in prison, but he’ll hopefully be out within the next year.  My dad absolutely adores Jake.  (smiles and hooks her arm in his)  The first time we visited, Jake asked my dad for my hand in marriage. (blushes) I love how old fashioned he can be with his mannerisms.  He’s such a gentleman.

A~Any kids in your future?

J~Of course.  We’ve talked about it several times, but we’d like to wait a while.  (pulls Rhea close to him)  I’m not quite ready to share her with anybody yet.
R~(giggles) We want at least a couple of kids, maybe more.  (looks up at Jake lovingly)  We thought for a while there, after our little tryst at the lake, that our family was going to be started a bit too soon.

A~Yes, I remember.  So, besides raising a family, what does the future hold for the two of you as a couple?

R~Well, I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell this, but, Jake and I are now married and we’ve just bought a house that’s halfway between the fire station and my office.  I will continue working for Mr. Lowe until we do finally start our family.  When that time comes, I’ll take a few years off until our kids are in school.  Then, we’ll see if working part-time is something I want to do.  McKenna wants me to invest in her Bottle Top Bling business.  It could be fun making and selling bottle top jewelry.

J~Of course, I’ll stay with the fire department until I retire.

A~Rheagan, have you ran into any of your old high school friends?  The ones who turned their back on you in your time of need?

R~I have, actually.  Some of the girls who were on the cheer squad with me were at the park with their kids.

A~How do you feel about them, now?  Do you forgive them for the way they treated you?

R~(shrug) I don’t have any ill will toward them.  But, I don’t want to be friends with them, either.  We’re civil to each other, but, it’s obvious they haven’t changed.  I can tell they still think of me as the girl with the jailbird father.  It doesn’t bother me anymore, though.

A~Rheagan, do you spend much time with Sera and McKenna?

R~I spend probably half of my personal time with them.  When Jake is on his four day shift, so are their boyfriends, Max and Matthew.  So we spend all that time hanging out and goofing off like teenagers. (sigh) It’s been so nice being back with my friends.

A~Jake…have you forgiven yourself for what you did in the cave?

J~(heavy sigh) I have, somewhat.  But, I’m still working on that.  (looks at Rhea tenderly)  I know that I will never hurt Rhea in any way again.

R~I forgave him the moment he asked me to.  I’m having a hard time getting him to do the same, but he has made progress.  He beat himself up pretty bad about it.  I’m just glad that he loved me more than he hated himself for what happened.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today.

A~Okay, that’s all I have for today.  Thank you so much for coming and sharing with me.  We’ve all enjoyed it and wish you both the best that life has to offer.

And, thank you to the fans for joining us!  Be sure to watch for “Born of Fireworks” coming July 4, 2013. 

Just out of a bad two year relationship, her mother, a paraplegic for the past six years and then suddenly dying of heart failure and her father in prison for taking bribes from his clients, Rheagan Baumy has had just about enough. It’s time to let loose and have some fun. Visiting her best friend, Sera Torres, is just the answer she’s been looking for. Sera has friends who are smoking hot firemen and Rhea intends to have a hot summer fling with one of them. But Jake Polanski quickly changes her tune. He wants much more than a fling from her.

Until then, please pick up a copy of the first two FHD books.

Please be sure to enroll in the 
Rafflecopter Drawing HERE 
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good Morning my beautifully sinful and sexy friends and welcome to the first stop on 

Chasity Breeze’s 
Born of Fireworks 
Blog Tour!!

Have I got a treat for you today? 
Chasity Breeze is at it again! 
She's adding coals to the fire!

"Born of Fireworks" comes to us from the diary of Rheagan Baumy, friend of McKenna Phelps from "Burning Rain", the first diary entry and Sera Torres from "Maximum Heat Wave", the second entry. If you haven't read these two, go grab them now! Born of Fireworks is part of a continuing story of these hot hunky heroes and the women who fall for them. 

They're on sale in celebration of the new release!

Just out of a bad two year relationship, loosing her mother to congestive heart failure and her high priced attorney father in prison for taking bribes...Rheagan Baumy has had just about enough. It’s time to let loose, be free and have some fun. Visiting her best friend, Sera Torres, is just the answer she’s been looking for. Sera has friends who are smoking hot firemen and Rhea intends to have a hot summer fling with one of them. But Jake Polanski quickly changes her tune. He wants much more than a fling from her.

When Jake Polanski catches a glimpse of Rheagan for the first time, his heart skips a beat or two, a certain part of his anatomy comes to full attention and his breath is taken away by her charm and graceful elegance. No woman has ever made him want her the way she did when their eyes locked together. When a beautiful woman would catch Jake's eye, he would want her, but only temporarily. Moving on to the next was his way and they all understood that. But, this woman...there's no way in hell one time would be enough for him.

Rheagan only wanted to have a hot summer romance with no strings attached, but when she saw Jake, all bets were off and all cards were on the table...the way he looked at her made her warm all over as if molasses had been poured over her body. She knew the moment they first looked into each other's eyes, she would lose her heart to this man.

They fell in love so easily and fell into a whirlwind of passionate sharing and exploring of each other's body and soul. It seemed they were designed for one another and a special bond began to form.

But, something went terribly wrong...

In the face of danger, Rheagan mistook Jake's intentions toward her and his emotions flew into a raging inferno. Jake unintentionally takes Rheagan by force, driven by his anger that she thought him to be so low as to not mean anything he'd said to her when they made love. 

Rheagan finds Jake to be dangerous and exciting when he attacks her and has his way with her. She is very aroused...until his brute force becomes unbearable and he hurts her beyond anything she's ever endured before.

Realizing what he'd done, Jake falls into a deep state of remorse. Rheagan is afraid of him and won't let him near her. She would never forgive him, he knew that much...and he could never forgive himself for hurting the only woman that could ever have him wanting more.

Please enjoy this little excerpt from Born of Fireworks by Chasity Breeze!

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FHD: Maximum Heat Wave by Chasity Breeze
FHD: Born of Fireworks by Chasity Breeze
Erotic Escapades by Chase Boehner
Love Lights: First Sight by Ana B. Ronning
Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole
 Amber’s Opus by Jason Jaxx
 Ashley’s Craving by Jason Jaxx
 More Than a Job by Sarah Daltry
 Trained for Seduction by Mia Downing

and 1 pair of BOTTLE TOP BLING 
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Thursday, May 30, 2013

From the soon to be released
Ana B. Ronning
Coming Summer 2013

From the upcoming release
Ana B. Ronning


“You’ll forget about me and fall in love with someone else.”  Brad had said as he held her left hand with both of his across the table, his fingers running across the gold ring on her finger.  “No, I won’t.”  Marti argued, placing her other hand on top of his.  “I love you, Brad.  And I will never love anyone else!”  She squeezed his hands tight.  “Come with me!  We could marry and live in New York!”
Brad dropped his gaze to their hands, then brought it up to look deep into her eyes.  “My life is here, Marti.  I’m starting my new job tomorrow.  It’s what I’ve always known I would do.  It will get me to where I want to be.  I want to own my own company, get out of my father’s shadow.’’
Marti smiled as a tear fell down her left cheek.  “I know.”  She sniffled, knowing that this was good bye for them.  “I’m not coming back, Brad.”  His brows furrowed.  “What do you mean, you’re not coming back?  What about us?  I want to marry you, Marti.” 
Marti couldn’t look at him.  She hadn’t told him she wanted to stay in New York after she graduated and work for Wisdom House Publishing.  Her hands started shaking and she felt nauseated.  She didn’t want to leave Brad, but she’d dreamt of living in New York since she was six years old.  “I’m sorry, Brad.  You know I’ve dreamed of living in New York.  I just thought, maybe, you would come with me.”  She sighed heavily as his eyes closed in disappointment.  “I understand if you don’t.  Let’s not fight about it now.  We can talk about it later.  I have four years at NYU to get through.  Who knows how I will feel about New York after that?”  She shrugged, not believing she would ever want to move back here after living in the Big Apple.

Coming Summer 2013

Publisher: Gazebo Publishing

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In the Works!!

What's New??
I have  begun a new series called "The 7 Sons of Caldwell".  It is about a family who lives in Tularosa, New Mexico and owns the 5,000 acre Cold Stream Ranch.  The series will consist of 7 amazing love stories of each of the Caldwell boys.  The series takes off with the story of Tanner Caldwell, second born to Myron and Elmira Caldwell.  

Tanner is a well known photo journalist for the National Wildlife Magazine and travels the world hunting down and shooting the most exotic and dangerous beasts known to man.  The only shooting he does, however, is with a camera.

Upon arriving at his latest assignment in Nairobi, Kenya, Tanner meets the lovely American zoologist and veterinarian, Shaina Kavanaugh, who's flawless beauty has him captivated instantly. Tanner's always been sort of a rake hell, but this gorgeous creature has him rethinking his way of life...a life with no strings attached to any one person, able to come and go as he pleases and freedom to sleep with whom ever he pleases. The thought of spending the rest of his life with this one woman didn't seem so bad.  In fact, it was very enticing, but it had his stomach tied in knots with confusion of ever considering such a thing.

It didn't take long for Cupid's arrow to find Shaina's heart.  Tanner was everything she'd worked her whole life trying to avoid...the perfect man to share her life with.  She knew from her mother's experience that there is no such thing as "happily ever after". Losing her heart to Tanner was something she couldn't control, but him knowing it, that she could control. When their assignment in Kenya ended, so did their hot love affair.  She left Tanner standing alone in the desert, dumbfounded and heartbroken.

Come back and "Share With Me" to learn more about Tanner and Shaina's story! 

The others sons of the Caldwell's include Adam, the eldest and the one responsible for all business relating to the Cold Stream Ranch; Chase, the third born of the Caldwell boys and the man who founded the Caldwell Downs Riding School with his brother, Mac, who is the fourth born; Sam, the fifth born, is a Major in the Marines; and then there's the twins, Kolton and Karson. Kole is an EMT and Karson is a Physical Therapist.

The one and only daughter of the Caldwell's, Jenna, is somewhere in the middle and spends her time working with Adam, Chase and Mac on the ranch. She is a jack of all trades and all who know her love her.

Each of the son's will have their own story to be told in time.  Until then, enjoy the synopsis and excerpts as they appear here occasionally! 

Lots of love to all of my wonderful fans!
**Ana B.**

Monday, April 15, 2013

"Always You" Synopsis

Good Evening My Awesome Friends and Welcome!!

As promised, here is the synopsis for "Always You", my latest romance short story. It will be published very soon.  So keep your eyes peeled for announcements of the date of release, excerpts and the cover reveal!! So exciting!!

Marti Willis left her hometown of Leesburg, Virginia eleven years ago to chase her life time dream of becoming an editor at one of the most prominent publishing companies in New York. After graduating from NYU, she landed her dream job and married a friend from college. After six years of a rocky marriage and learning she couldn't have children, she divorced her husband and moved back home to take over her mother’s book store. Running into her old flame, Brad Mason, was foremost on her mind. They had been madly in love when she left for New York and Brad wanted to marry her. But his life was in Leesburg, so Marti made the tough decision to break ties with Brad and pursue her dream. The fact is, she's never stopped thinking about Brad and how much she wished she'd stayed. But not being able to have kids was something she didn't want for him. He had his heart set on having a family and she couldn't take that away from him. He'd be much better off without her.

Brad Mason had never loved any other woman but Marti Willis. He kept up with her life through her mother. When he learned that Marti and her husband divorced, he knew deep down that she would come back to him and they would be together. He began making plans for their future before he'd even seen or heard from her. He'd always known they were meant to be together. It was just a matter of time, and now that she's returning to Leesburg, the time has come to claim her as his own once again. His patience has paid off and now he can have the family he's always wanted.

When Brad and Marti come face to face, the old flame ignites uncontrollably and Marti finds herself struggling to keep her distance from him. Brad is relentless in his pursuit of her and all he can think of is taking her home with him and never letting her go again.

Marti falls under Brads spell and into his bed only to break his heart once again with the revelation that she can't have children. Brad is shocked and speechless, causing Marti to run away in despair and with yet another broken heart.

Will Brad be able to overlook having a family and love only Marti, or will his dream of having a family tear their love apart for good?