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Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Born of Fireworks is the third installment of The Firehouse Diaries by Chasity Breeze and is due to be released on the perfect day for fireworks...the Fourth of July! Please help me give a warm welcome to Jake Polanski and Reagan Baumy.

Hello, Jake and Rheagan.  Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing with me and all of your eager fans today.

Jake~Thank you for having us, Ana.

How about we jump right in and get started?

Rheagan~Ask away!  We’re an open book.  

A~(smile) First question...I’d like to ask you, Rheagan.  Jake had already been introduced to the The Firehouse Diaries fans from the very first book…how did it feel being the “new girl” in this incredibly sexy group of firefighters?  And, how did all these guys treat you?

R~Oh…at first, I was both excited and nervous!  (smiles at Jake)  I knew when I came to visit Sera that I would be hanging out with all of these extremely hot guys, (giggles and blushes) but once I got here, meeting all of them was a little overwhelming.  I mean, they are all super hot! (looks at Jake and blushes) I really just wanted to find someone to spend some time with when Sera and McK were working and hopefully have some “benefits” on the side.  Everyone welcomed me with open arms as an addition to their group.  It didn’t take long to fit in.  I first became very close to Jake, then, I got to know his friends and I love every one of them.

A~(to Rheagan) Did the other guys flirt with you in the beginning?  And do they now?

R~(Laughs) Actually, they never had the chance to flirt with me in the beginning.  (smiles at Jake and holds his hand)  Once I saw Jake, they sort of faded into the background and he had all of my attention.  Now they flirt with me all the time.  They like to see Jake squirm, I think.

A~Ha! Typical guys.  (I smile and turn to Jake)  Jake, how does it make you feel when your friends flirt with Rheagan?

J~Honestly, Ana, it makes me feel good.  When they joke around flirting with her, I think of it as a form of flattery and a pat on the back.  I’m happy they’re all friends with her.  Of course I act jealous, but deep down, these guys are like my brothers.  I know they would never do anything with Rhea to really piss me off.  I just like to humor them. 

A~That’s really big of you to look at it that way.
Jake, you and Sera have been very close for several years…did you ever have a thing for her?  And, did she have a thing for you?

J~(Laughs and leans forward) It’s funny you should ask that.  Rhea and I were just talking about that  yesterday.  I suppose you could say I did have a little crush on her in the beginning of our friendship.  I mean, she’s gorgeous.  But it didn’t seem right.  Sera is like a sister to me more than anything.  I love her in a big brotherly sort of way.  As for her having a thing for me…I couldn’t say.  If she did, I wasn’t aware of it.

A~Rheagan, when you went back to LA temporarily, did your ex-boyfriend, Barry, try to get in contact with you?  Did you ever see him again?

R~Yes, he did and I did see him one time.  Thankfully, Jake was with me, so Barry cowered down and I haven’t heard from him again.  (laughs)  I think one look at Jake and how fit he is…was all it took to send him packing and running for the hills.

A~(laugh)  So, without spoiling your story for the readers who haven’t heard it yet…tell us how things are going now with the two of you.  Although, I can see by looking at you that you are very much in love.

J~Things are perfect.  We have so many things in common and we love each other’s company…in and outside of the bedroom.  (winks at me)

A~Oh, Jake, now you’re making me blush.
Rheagan, have you been in contact with your dad at all?

R~(smiles) I talk to him on the phone some and we email back and forth.  After Jake and I got together, he convinced me not to shut my dad out of my life.  So, we went to visit him a few times.  He’s still in prison, but he’ll hopefully be out within the next year.  My dad absolutely adores Jake.  (smiles and hooks her arm in his)  The first time we visited, Jake asked my dad for my hand in marriage. (blushes) I love how old fashioned he can be with his mannerisms.  He’s such a gentleman.

A~Any kids in your future?

J~Of course.  We’ve talked about it several times, but we’d like to wait a while.  (pulls Rhea close to him)  I’m not quite ready to share her with anybody yet.
R~(giggles) We want at least a couple of kids, maybe more.  (looks up at Jake lovingly)  We thought for a while there, after our little tryst at the lake, that our family was going to be started a bit too soon.

A~Yes, I remember.  So, besides raising a family, what does the future hold for the two of you as a couple?

R~Well, I don’t know if I’m supposed to tell this, but, Jake and I are now married and we’ve just bought a house that’s halfway between the fire station and my office.  I will continue working for Mr. Lowe until we do finally start our family.  When that time comes, I’ll take a few years off until our kids are in school.  Then, we’ll see if working part-time is something I want to do.  McKenna wants me to invest in her Bottle Top Bling business.  It could be fun making and selling bottle top jewelry.

J~Of course, I’ll stay with the fire department until I retire.

A~Rheagan, have you ran into any of your old high school friends?  The ones who turned their back on you in your time of need?

R~I have, actually.  Some of the girls who were on the cheer squad with me were at the park with their kids.

A~How do you feel about them, now?  Do you forgive them for the way they treated you?

R~(shrug) I don’t have any ill will toward them.  But, I don’t want to be friends with them, either.  We’re civil to each other, but, it’s obvious they haven’t changed.  I can tell they still think of me as the girl with the jailbird father.  It doesn’t bother me anymore, though.

A~Rheagan, do you spend much time with Sera and McKenna?

R~I spend probably half of my personal time with them.  When Jake is on his four day shift, so are their boyfriends, Max and Matthew.  So we spend all that time hanging out and goofing off like teenagers. (sigh) It’s been so nice being back with my friends.

A~Jake…have you forgiven yourself for what you did in the cave?

J~(heavy sigh) I have, somewhat.  But, I’m still working on that.  (looks at Rhea tenderly)  I know that I will never hurt Rhea in any way again.

R~I forgave him the moment he asked me to.  I’m having a hard time getting him to do the same, but he has made progress.  He beat himself up pretty bad about it.  I’m just glad that he loved me more than he hated himself for what happened.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here today.

A~Okay, that’s all I have for today.  Thank you so much for coming and sharing with me.  We’ve all enjoyed it and wish you both the best that life has to offer.

And, thank you to the fans for joining us!  Be sure to watch for “Born of Fireworks” coming July 4, 2013. 

Just out of a bad two year relationship, her mother, a paraplegic for the past six years and then suddenly dying of heart failure and her father in prison for taking bribes from his clients, Rheagan Baumy has had just about enough. It’s time to let loose and have some fun. Visiting her best friend, Sera Torres, is just the answer she’s been looking for. Sera has friends who are smoking hot firemen and Rhea intends to have a hot summer fling with one of them. But Jake Polanski quickly changes her tune. He wants much more than a fling from her.

Until then, please pick up a copy of the first two FHD books.

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  1. Hi Ana B I love the way you shared this book interviewing the characters I was already drawn by the excerpts and teasers I have found and read they are very hot but this post helped me to look at the story in a new way. I really enjoy Chasity's work her story's are Hot and fun and I can't wait for the release of "Born Of Fireworks" I am totally hooked I need to read the whole story it is on the top of my Must Read List!! Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank you for sharing with me, Debra. I'm glad you liked the interview. I thought it was fun and a cute way to allow readers to get to know Chasity's characters.


  2. Aww...Thank you Debra, for such kind words! I really enjoyed doing this interview! It was a lot of fun! Sarah Daltry will be interviewing me later on this week! Got some really erotic excerpts coming your way, as well! ;) Keep hoppin' these wonderful blogs with me! I love that you are enjoying this tour! Thank YOU for sharing! You've just made my day!

    Loves and kisses!

    ~Chas <3