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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Good Morning my beautifully sinful and sexy friends and welcome to the first stop on 

Chasity Breeze’s 
Born of Fireworks 
Blog Tour!!

Have I got a treat for you today? 
Chasity Breeze is at it again! 
She's adding coals to the fire!

"Born of Fireworks" comes to us from the diary of Rheagan Baumy, friend of McKenna Phelps from "Burning Rain", the first diary entry and Sera Torres from "Maximum Heat Wave", the second entry. If you haven't read these two, go grab them now! Born of Fireworks is part of a continuing story of these hot hunky heroes and the women who fall for them. 

They're on sale in celebration of the new release!

Just out of a bad two year relationship, loosing her mother to congestive heart failure and her high priced attorney father in prison for taking bribes...Rheagan Baumy has had just about enough. It’s time to let loose, be free and have some fun. Visiting her best friend, Sera Torres, is just the answer she’s been looking for. Sera has friends who are smoking hot firemen and Rhea intends to have a hot summer fling with one of them. But Jake Polanski quickly changes her tune. He wants much more than a fling from her.

When Jake Polanski catches a glimpse of Rheagan for the first time, his heart skips a beat or two, a certain part of his anatomy comes to full attention and his breath is taken away by her charm and graceful elegance. No woman has ever made him want her the way she did when their eyes locked together. When a beautiful woman would catch Jake's eye, he would want her, but only temporarily. Moving on to the next was his way and they all understood that. But, this woman...there's no way in hell one time would be enough for him.

Rheagan only wanted to have a hot summer romance with no strings attached, but when she saw Jake, all bets were off and all cards were on the table...the way he looked at her made her warm all over as if molasses had been poured over her body. She knew the moment they first looked into each other's eyes, she would lose her heart to this man.

They fell in love so easily and fell into a whirlwind of passionate sharing and exploring of each other's body and soul. It seemed they were designed for one another and a special bond began to form.

But, something went terribly wrong...

In the face of danger, Rheagan mistook Jake's intentions toward her and his emotions flew into a raging inferno. Jake unintentionally takes Rheagan by force, driven by his anger that she thought him to be so low as to not mean anything he'd said to her when they made love. 

Rheagan finds Jake to be dangerous and exciting when he attacks her and has his way with her. She is very aroused...until his brute force becomes unbearable and he hurts her beyond anything she's ever endured before.

Realizing what he'd done, Jake falls into a deep state of remorse. Rheagan is afraid of him and won't let him near her. She would never forgive him, he knew that much...and he could never forgive himself for hurting the only woman that could ever have him wanting more.

Please enjoy this little excerpt from Born of Fireworks by Chasity Breeze!

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Erotic Escapades by Chase Boehner
Love Lights: First Sight by Ana B. Ronning
Birthday Wishes by Braxton Cole
 Amber’s Opus by Jason Jaxx
 Ashley’s Craving by Jason Jaxx
 More Than a Job by Sarah Daltry
 Trained for Seduction by Mia Downing

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