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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Third Edition in

The Love Lights Collection…

One More Night

One More Night is about a woman who suffered a tragic loss and how to move on with her life, face her fears and learn how to love again.

Katherine St. Claire has mourned the loss of her brother and fiancé on the anniversary of their deaths for the last four years. While drowning in her sorrows at a friend’s club, a very tall, dark and handsome stranger asks her to dance. Mistakenly thinking he is the guy her best friend has been trying relentlessly to set her up with for months, she tells him just what she thinks of him and his womanizing ways that he is notorious for. But, to her horror, she learns that he isn't that man, and apologizes. One thing leads to another and she finds herself agreeing to a one night stand with this handsome stranger. After a night of the hottest sex she's ever had, Katherine finds herself wishing she could have more of him. But, no strings attached was what he wanted. How can she get over the loss of the only other man she's ever been with other than her fiancé? The way he made her feel was incredible and it was tormenting her and her heart was aching for one more night with him.

Jonathan Wolfe had been searching for his long lost sister, Juliana for the last four years. He and his brother Jonas had finally tracked her down in Texas. After a night of celebrating with her and her friends, Jonathan found himself in need of some release that he'd been denying himself of until they found Jules. He had his eye on a certain brunette at the bar who seemed to be alone. After being rudely rejected, he tried to find another woman that would suit his needs, but he desperately wanted her for some strange reason and no one else. After salvaging what was an obvious misunderstanding, Jonathan took her to his hotel for a night of reckless abandon. Surprisingly, it was more than that to him and he wanted more of this raving beauty in his arms. But, he lived far away and would be leaving soon. He found his heart breaking to let her walk out of his life. If only he had one more night with her.

Will fate step in and bring these two together once more, or will unsuspecting dangers that linger with Jonathan's family keep them from coming together?

Jonathan stood under the hot shower, deep in thought about his near future.  Could Katherine be the one?  Will she still see me if I stay here, permanently?  Or is this only temporary for her?  He sighed.  I hope not.  I hope she feels the same way I do about her.  She says she does, but how do I know it isn't just lust, after so long without a man?  As he rinsed himself off, his heart felt heavy.  The truth is I think I'm actually falling for her.  He felt nauseated thinking she may not feel the same.  He had decided that, even if they didn't continue seeing each other, he still wanted to be closer to Jules.  Moving to Texas was his final decision.  He only hoped that Katherine would be happy about it.
He dried himself off, pulled on his jeans and walked down the hall.  He could smell the delicious aroma of bacon.  He breathed in and sighed.  Damn, that smells good.  He thought.  He had grown very hungry and hoped he didn't have to wait much longer to eat.
He stopped at the end of the hallway when he caught a glimpse of Katherine, dancing around the kitchen to “I Like It” by Enrique Iglesias.  He cocked his head as she bent over to take something from the oven.  She turned around with a pan of biscuits in her hand and sat them on the bar.  She looked up and smiled at him.
“Just in time!  Everything's ready!”  She said cheerfully.  She went to the fridge.  “You like orange juice?”  She asked.
“Sure.”  He said, watching every little move she made.  She was still wearing her black silk robe with a black and white cow spotted apron over it.  Her hair was pinned up and she was bare foot.  She was as beautiful as he'd ever seen her.
Katherine sat the juice on the bar and took off her apron.  She noticed he was wearing only his jeans.  His chest was fabulously muscled and his bare feet were even sexy.  She wondered what it would be like if she could see him like that every day.
“Sit.  Help yourself to whatever you want.”  She smiled.  She sat on the stool next to him and grabbed a plate with fried eggs.  She handed them to him.  “Hard fried, as you requested.”  She said cheerfully.
He forked three onto his plate.  “These look perfect.”  He grabbed a handful of bacon and a biscuit.  She handed him the white gravy and when he reached for it, their hands touched.  He smiled crookedly at her and spooned the gravy onto his split biscuit.
“This looks amazing, Katherine.  Do you cook often?”  He asked, wanting to know more about her.
She snickered.  “When there's someone to cook for, yes.  I cook all the time when Harley's here.  Peter and Ty sometimes come over for dinner.”  She smiled as she took a bite of bacon.  “Peter comes over once a week.  Ty, more like once or twice a month.  He has Sam to keep him busy, now.”  She chuckled as she took a bite of her egg.  “She was the gorgeous model on the boat with the string bikini and the killer body.  I think they'll end up getting married.”
Jonathan looked at her.  “And, that's a good thing?”  He asked curiously.
“Oh yes.”  She said taking a sip of juice.  “Sam's great!  Ty really loves her, too.  I think they make a great couple.”  She smiled as she looked up at nothing in particular.  “Between those two, they'll have the most beautiful kids.”
Jonathan smiled, chewing a piece of bacon and watching her.  He loved how she smiled shyly and pulled a lock of hair behind her ear when she was embarrassed.  She looked so adorable when she did that.
Katherine looked at Jonathan.  “Do you like kids?”  She asked, wanting to know more about him.
“Yes.”  He said, almost sadly.  “I was hoping to have at least one by now.”
Katherine frowned.  “But, you were too busy looking for your sister?”  She asked sympathetically.
He nodded and swallowed.  “Yes.  I've had to put my life on hold for her.”  He looked up at Katherine.  “Not that she wasn't worth it, she is.  I just saw myself married at this point in my life.  Either with one or two kids or at least one on the way.”  He bowed his head.
He looked so sad.  Katherine felt like crying.  She wanted to be married by now, too.  Maybe, not with kids, yet.  But, with in the next few years.
“I'm sorry things haven't turned out the way you planned.”  She whispered.  “Looks like we have that in common.”  She said sadly.
“Yes.  I guess we do.”  He murmured.  He pushed his plate away.
Katherine's eyes grew wide.  “You didn't like it?”  She asked, panicked.
“It's not that.  I'm just not as hungry as I thought I was.”  He said softly.  “I guess I should be going.  It's late and I'm sure Jonas is wondering where I am.”  He lied.  Jonas didn't care where he was, as long as he stayed out of his business.  He was probably busy with some girl he picked up at a bar.  The truth was, Jonathan was depressed at the thought of how his plans had failed.  He felt so lonely all of a sudden.  Katherine was probably using him to get back into the swing of dating again.  Not that he blamed her.  She needed to.  She probably didn't realize she was using him.  She'd been without a man for so long she would think she was falling in love with the first one to warm her bed.
Katherine's heart was breaking.  What just happened?  She wondered.  I assumed he'd stay the night.  Now he wants to leave?
“Did I do something wrong, Jonathan?”  She asked frantically.
He looked at her surprised.  “Oh, no!  Of course, you didn't.  You've done everything just right.”  He sighed.  “I guess that's why I'm so down on myself.  I wanted to have a wife to cook for me and to make love to every night.  Someone to love, and who'd love me in return.”  He saw the pity in her eyes.  He didn't want her pity or anyone else’s.  “I'm sorry, Katherine.  I think it's best if I just leave.”
“But, why?”  Katherine asked.  “Do you not really care about me?  Did you just say that?”  She said with tears in her eyes.  “You said you didn't play games, Jonathan!  What are you doing, now?  First, you tell me you care about me, enough to move here to be with me, now you think its best that you leave?  Why?”
Jonathan was caught off guard with her boldness.  “I do care about you, Katherine.  Maybe a little too much!  Maybe it's scaring the hell out of me just how much I care for you!”  He ran his fingers through his hair.  “We met the day before yesterday and I'm almost positive that I'm falling in love with you!”
“And, that's a reason to leave?”  She shouted.  “That sounds like a reason to stay, to me, Jonathan!”  She scowled.  “And, what about how I feel?  Have you even once thought to ask me how I feel about you?”  She stood and took her plate to the sink.  She turned around sharply.  “Don’t you even care that, maybe, just maybe, I feel the same way about you?”

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