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Monday, February 3, 2014

Well…I am super excited to bring to you a whole new story!
True Love Waits has been finished for some time, but life screamed for my undivided attention and I had to put it on the back burner for a while.
But, now I’m back to writing and in full swing.  True Love Waits is a stand-alone book and is in no way related to the Love Lights books.
I do not plan on a sequel or series to go along with this story…however, I am a woman and it is my prerogative to change my mind…which I do frequently.
So…here is the blurb and a couple of excerpts to keep you company until it is released on Valentine’s Day.  And, what a sweet, sexy gift for your Valentine.  I do hope you enjoy.

Marti Willis left her hometown of Leesburg, Virginia eleven years ago to chase her life time dream of becoming an editor at one of the most prominent publishing companies in New York. After graduating from NYU, she landed her dream job and married a friend from college. After six years of a rocky marriage and learning she couldn't have children, she divorced her husband and moved back home to take over her mother’s book store. Running into her old flame, Brad Mason, was foremost on her mind. They had been madly in love when she left for New York and Brad wanted to marry her. But his life was in Leesburg, so Marti made the tough decision to break ties with Brad and pursue her dream. The fact is, she's never stopped thinking about Brad and how much she wished she'd stayed. But not being able to have kids was something she didn't want for him. He had his heart set on having a family and she couldn't take that away from him. He'd be much better off without her.

Brad Mason had never loved any other woman but Marti Willis. He kept up with her life through her mother. When he learned that Marti and her husband divorced, he knew deep down that she would come back to him and they would be together. He began making plans for their future before he'd even seen or heard from her. He'd always known they were meant to be together. It was just a matter of time, and now that she's returning to Leesburg, the time has come to claim her as his own once again. His patience has paid off and now he can have the family he's always wanted.

When Brad and Marti come face to face, the old flame ignites uncontrollably and Marti finds herself struggling to keep her distance from him. Brad is relentless in his pursuit of her and all he can think of is taking her home with him and never letting her go again.

Marti falls under Brads spell and into his bed only to break his heart once again with the revelation that she can't have children. Brad is shocked and speechless, causing Marti to run away in despair and with yet another broken heart.

Will Brad be able to overlook having a family and love only Marti, or will his dream of having a family tear their love apart for good?

Marti was getting very tired on her long drive back home to Leesburg, Virginia from New York.  She hadn’t had a good night sleep in two months and her nerves were a jumbled mess.  Her recent divorce from her husband of six years and leaving her job as an editor, at one of the most prestigious publishing companies in the state of New York, didn’t help matters.
Her mother owned the local bookstore in town and was struggling to run it by herself.  Marti agreed to move back home and help her with it, hoping she could talk her into retiring.  Marti could use the change in pace.  She always loved working in the store with her mom and dad.  Her dad died her sophomore year in college and her Aunt Maggs helped her mom with the store for a while.  She was her mom’s older sister by ten years.  When she developed Dementia last year, she moved into the Senior Center and was unable to help at the bookstore.
Marti sighed and glanced at her Golden Retriever sitting in the passenger seat taking in the sights.  “Well, Dixie, we’re almost home.”  Dixie looked at her with her tongue hanging out and smiling lovingly at Marti, or at least she liked to think she was smiling at her.  Marti stroked Dixie’s head.
“It’s just you and me, now, kiddo.”  She scratched behind the yellow dog’s floppy ear.  “You, me and mom.”
She smiled when she saw the little café just outside of town.  Memories came flooding back to the last time she was there, sitting in the corner booth with him, her first love, Brad Mason.  She sighed with regret as she remembered their last words.
“You’ll forget about me and fall in love with someone else.”  Brad had said as he held her left hand with both of his across the table, his fingers running across the gold ring on her finger.  “No, I won’t.”  Marti argued, placing her other hand on top of his.  “I love you, Brad.  And I will never love anyone else!”  She squeezed his hands tight.  “Come with me!  We could marry and live in New York!”
Brad dropped his gaze to their hands, then brought it up to look deep into her eyes.  “My life is here, Marti.  I’m starting my new job tomorrow.  It’s what I’ve always known I would do.  It will get me to where I want to be.  I want to own my own company, get out of my father’s shadow.’’
Marti smiled as a tear fell down her left cheek.  “I know.”  She sniffled, knowing that this was good bye for them.  “I’m not coming back, Brad.”  His brows furrowed.  “What do you mean, you’re not coming back?  What about us?  I want to marry you, Marti.”  Marti couldn’t look at him.  She hadn’t told him she wanted to stay in New York after she graduated and work for Wisdom House Publishing.  Her hands started shaking and she felt nauseated.  She didn’t want to leave Brad, but she’d dreamt of living in New York since she was six years old.  “I’m sorry, Brad.  You know I’ve dreamed of living in New York.  I just thought, maybe, you would come with me.”  She sighed heavily as his eyes closed in disappointment.  “I understand if you don’t.  Let’s not fight about it now.  We can talk about it later.  I have four years at NYU to get through.  Who knows how I will feel about New York after that?”  She shrugged, not believing she would ever want to move back here after living in the Big Apple.
Marti snorted.  “So much for not moving back home, huh?’’  She asked Dixie as she pulled up to the café.  She pulled her brush from her purse and brushed out her long fine blonde hair.  “I’m hungry.  How ‘bout you?”  She turned to face the dog and tousled her head playfully.
“Bet you could stand to take a quick walk, too, huh?’’  Dixie let out a bark in agreement.
Marti stood next to the oak tree daydreaming about Brad kissing her for the first time behind it as they hid from their parents.  It seemed a lifetime ago since they were fifteen and crazy in love.  She giggled as she ran her fingers along the indention in the bark, remembering him carving their names on the old tree a week later.  How did things go so wrong between us?  She thought regretfully.  If I had only come back, we’d probably be married with five kids.  She snickered.  Yeah, right!  I can’t even have kids!  Tears welled in her eyes as she softly caressed Brad’s name then the forever he’d promised her so long ago.  He was better off without me.  She told herself with a heavy heart.
“Marti?”  A man called from the parking lot.  Marti looked up with wide eyes and saw him climbing off a Harley and slowly walking toward her.
“Brad.”  She whispered under her breath.

Of course, Marti refuses to have a relationship with Brad.  But, will she be able to resist his touch…his immaculate charm?  Find out on Valentine’s Day!

Excerpt 2:
Brad caressed her shoulder and kissed the top of her head, breathing in the scent of strawberry in her soft hair.  He lifted onto one elbow and looked down at her with a lazy smile, brushing his fingertips across her forehead and down her cheek.
“Welcome home, Marti.”  She smiled sheepishly.  “I’ve missed you so much.”  He said softly.  Marti could only smile and gaze into his big blue eyes.  Brad smiled.  “You know I’m never gonna let you go, don’t you?”
She smiled crookedly and twisted the hair from the light patch on his chest.  “I’m sorry, Brad, for everything.”  She murmured.
He softly pressed his finger to her lips.  “Shh.  I won’t have any of that.  Let’s leave the past where it belongs.  We belong here, now.  And, now we can have a future together.”  He slid his hand down between her breasts and down to her belly.  He leaned over to kiss her just above her belly button.  “And, now we can have a family.”  He didn’t see the terror in her eyes.  He was staring at her belly while caressing it.  “I can’t wait to see you carrying our baby.”  He chuckled and turned to face her while saying, “Of course, not right away.  I’m not ready to share…”  He stopped as he noticed the fear in her eyes and how pale her face was.  He felt her trembling.  He sat up quickly, kneeling beside her with her face in his hands.
“Marti?  What’s wrong?”  He caressed her temple with his thumb.  “Did I hurt you?  Are you sick?”  She just looked ahead, staring at nothing in particular.  Brad began to panic.  “Marti?  Please, baby, talk to me.”
Marti looked at him with a blank expression.  “Marti, sweetheart, you’re scaring me, please!”
Tears fell down her cheeks as her eyes focused on his.  “Oh Brad.  I love you so much.”  She stared at his face for a moment and watched his fear turn into a smile.  She hated that she would take that beautiful smile away from him.
“I love you, too, Marti.”  He said happily as he embraced her.  She pushed him away and confusion swept over him like a dark cloud.  “Marti?”
She took a deep breath and prepared herself for the blow.  “Brad, we don’t have a future together.”  His face dropped and he went pale.
“What?”  His eyes shifted from left to right in panic.  “There’s no reason why we can’t, Marti.  I love you, you love me.  You’re divorced and now living here.  What possible reason would you have for saying that?”  When she looked away, he thought he understood.  “Is there someone else?  Again?”  He asked in anger and tremendous fear.
“No.  Of course not.”  She said surprised he thought that she would sleep with him if she was with someone else.
Brad narrowed his eyes at her.  “You aren’t considering going back to Mark, are you?”
“No.”  She snapped.
His mood softened and he cupped her neck.  “Then, why would you think we have no future together?  What’s holding you back?”  He asked with a comforting smile.
Marti sighed and rolled off the bed, taking the sheet with her and wrapping it around her.  "The reason Mark and I split up was because I can’t have children.”  She muttered softly, turning her back on him.  Brad started to stand, but froze at her revelation.  Marti winced at the silence, knowing that everything had just changed with that one statement.  Without looking his way, she collected her clothes and disappeared into the bathroom.
Brad sat there, shocked that he would never have a beautiful little blonde princess that looked just like Marti, or a blue eyed slugger of a son that wanted to be just like his daddy.  His dream of a family with Marti had just been crushed.  He stood and pulled his sweats on that he had laid out before his shower and went to the kitchen for a drink.  He knew he should go to Marti, but he needed a few minutes to process this news.  Its life changing and he needed to clear his head before he could possibly take one more step forward.
Marti stood in front of the mirror staring at herself blankly.  She’d realized that Brad had clammed up like he always did when he was deciding whether to be angry or not.  One thing about Brad was his level headed thinking.  He always thought before he spoke, especially in sticky situations.  He was known for not ever jumping the gun.  She knew he was assessing the situation and his final conclusion would be to find someone else who could have his children, just like Mark did.
She quickly dressed and splashed her face with cold water.  If she knew Brad, he was standing in the den at the fireplace, one of his calm places to think, so she would sneak out the back door undetected and leave him to his thoughts and his decision without her interference.  The idea of a life without Brad she’d gotten used to, but now it seemed so much harder than eleven years ago when she left him behind.  She knew this was it for them, there was no returning from this.  Her heart was breaking and she wasn’t sure she’d ever recover.

And, of course, Brad wasn’t about to let her go.  Not after waiting all these years for her to return.  It’s time to show her who is in control here…where she belongs…whom she’s always belonged to.

Watch for more exciting news of “True Love Waits”

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