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Saturday, February 22, 2014

True Love Endures

The ongoing story of Brad and Marti 

from "True Love Waits", is now in progress.


If you have read True Love Waits, you’ll be excited about this heartwarming sequel that takes us into the life of Brad and Marti and the struggles they face together.

In the first book, we learned of a game changing secret that Marti had carried around for years…the horrible fate of not being able to have children.  Of course, love conquers all and Brad chose Marti over having an heir to carry on the family name.

Now, in True Love Endures, the tables are turned and Brad is the one with the life changing secret.  Only, this secret was kept from him for five years.  In the beginning of this story, you will learn of this secret and meet some new characters, including Lisa, who was only mentioned at the end of True Love Waits.

Brad waited eleven years for Marti to return.  Now, she’s back and they have begun a new life together.  It wasn’t easy winning her back.  She’d been keeping a secret all these years.  A secret that could have destroyed Brad’s desire to spend the rest of his life with her.  What was the big secret?  Marti couldn’t have children.  Normally, that might not be such a big deal, but, Brad had never kept it a secret that he wanted a big family with lots of kid’s pitter patting around their home.

Marti soon learned that Brad’s love for her over-ruled any other dream he had been fixated on.  Marti was a part of all of his dreams…he couldn’t let her go.  He didn’t want anyone but her for the rest of his life…kids or no kids.

Now…Brad has a secret.  It wasn’t his to keep for five years, but, suddenly, he is awakened to life changing circumstances that could destroy what he now has with his new bride.

Find out just how strong their love is and if they can weather the storm that is to come after learning this newly revealed information.  And, can true love endure all obstacles in their path?

Find out in TRUE LOVE ENDURES...coming soon.

Meet the supporting characters...

In this section, you will meet one or two of the supporting characters each week. There are a lot more involved in this story than in True Love Waits, so buckle in and make yourself comfortable. We have several characters to go through.

First up...
Cindy Greenup...

Best friend to Marti and mother to two adorable children. Married old high school classmate, Paul Greenup. She has a calming presence about her, but, if provoked, her Irish fiery temper takes control of her, otherwise controlled emotions, and all hell breaks loose. She will stand up for what she believes in, is strong willed and will fight for her friends, no matter what. Cindy is the only person Marti could trust with her secret. Turns out, she's the only one Brad could trust, as well. She knew that Brad had gone to New York to make things right with Marti years ago. However, she did not know that he never even talked to Marti. Now, all has been revealed and life goes on. But, now that Brad has a new secret...she finds it hard to keep it and tension brews between her, Brad and Marti.

While you await the release of this romantic short story...
Grab a copy of the story where it all began...

    True Love Waits  

After her divorce and leaving her dream job in New York, Marti Willis returns to her home town of Leesburg to take over her mother's book store. She'd left eleven years ago, breaking the heart of the only man she's ever truly loved, Brad Mason. When their paths cross once again, the old flame is rekindled and sparks fly. But will Marti be able to let Brad in with the secret she's been hiding? 

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