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Sunday, February 23, 2014

True Love Endures

It’s time for more MEET THE CHARACTERS

Today, we have Brad's closest friend, Johnny Moreland and Brad's old lover, Lisa Stoddard…

Best friend to Brad and a Pediatrician. Has a kind heart and is very loveable. Has a way with children... they absolutely love him. He and Brad have been friends since grade school and are inseparable.
He's been in love with Lisa Stoddard, but never confessed his feelings to a living soul, not even her. She and Brad have "history", so, he's always kept his distance.
Johnny would cut off his right hand for Brad any day. And, now, Johnny has to decide what his next move will be...claim Lisa for himself now that Brad is married...or continue living on the outskirts of Lisa's very private life and love her from afar, as he always has?

Lisa Stoddard was Brad's "friend with benefits" off and on about six years ago. She developed feelings for Brad and because of this, she left...moved away, for she knew that his heart belonged to Marti Willis and she just couldn't compete with that. She also, secretly had strong feelings for Johnny Moreland. Lisa has a kind heart, but is stubborn and strong willed. Her independence is one of her strongest qualities. She has never married and has a four year old son, Andrew, whom is the only man in her life, besides her step father. She can be generous at times, but, for the most part is reserved and finds it hard to trust and open up to people. Her heart has a strong wall built around it and she always has her guard up when it comes to men. Dating is not one of her favorable diversions. 

Stay tuned for more of “Meet the Characters” from True Love Endures.

Until it's release...check out the story that started it all...

True Love Waits

After her divorce and leaving her dream job in New York, Marti Willis returns to her home town of Leesburg to take over her mother's book store. She'd left eleven years ago, breaking the heart of the only man she's ever truly loved, Brad Mason. When their paths cross once again, the old flame is rekindled and sparks fly. But will Marti be able to let Brad in with the secret she's been hiding?

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