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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

True Love Endures


In "True Love Waits", their love survived her pointless marriage, divorce, a life changing secret and being miles apart for eleven years. Brad Mason and Marti Willis have loved each other since high school. They've weathered the storm of Marti being sterile and their love has grown stronger than ever. Now, Brad has a secret. Will their love be strong enough to weather the next storm? Less

True Love Endures is the sequel to True Love Waits.

Brad Mason has loved Marti Willis since they were fifteen years old. He'd always planned his future with her in it. Imagine his surprise when Marti left him to chase her dream, and eventually marrying someone else.

After divorcing her husband, Marti returned to Leesburg, Virginia and rekindled her love affair with Brad after they overcame her fate of not being able to have children. They shortly married after that and their love has grown stronger with each day.

Now...Brad has a secret that will change their lives forever. He has a son from a previous affair five years ago. With Marti being sterile, her insecurities jump back front and center and her marriage to Brad is in danger of failing. Will he leave her to have the family he's always dreamed of? Will Marti be able to hold on to him and welcome the little addition into their family? Will she be able to accept that Brad had a child with another woman, but can never have one with her?

True Love Endures is a story of heart ache and envy...courage and strength...forgiveness and love...true love.

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